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  1. Lumen: A Framework for Developing and Evaluating ML-Based IoT Network Anomaly Detection
    Sharma, Rahul Anand, Sabane, Ishan, Apostolaki, MariaRowe, Anthony,  and Sekar, Vyas
    In CoNEXT 2022
  2. Lumos: Identifying and Localizing Diverse Hidden IoT Devices in an Unfamiliar Environment
    Sharma, Rahul AnandSoltanaghaei, ElaheRowe, Anthony,  and Sekar, Vyas
    In USENIX Security 2022


  1. Accurately Measuring Global Risk of Amplification Attacks using {AmpMap}
    Moon, Soo-Jin, Yin, Yucheng,  Sharma, Rahul Anand, Yuan, Yifei, Spring, Jonathan M,  and Sekar, Vyas
    In USENIX Security 2021


  1. Contention-aware performance prediction for virtualized network functions
    Manousis, AntonisSharma, Rahul AnandSekar, Vyas,  and Sherry, Justine
    In SIGCOMM 2020
  2. All that glitters: Low-power spoof-resilient optical markers for augmented reality
    Sharma, Rahul Anand, Dongare, Adwait, Miller, John, Wilkerson, Nicholas, Cohen, Daniel, Sekar, Vyas, Dutta, Prabal,  and Rowe, Anthony
    In IPSN 2020
  3. Robust and practical WiFi human sensing using on-device learning with a domain adaptive model
    Soltanaghaei, ElaheSharma, Rahul Anand, Wang, Zehao, Chittilappilly, Adarsh, Luong, Anh, Giler, Eric, Hall, Katie, Elias, Steve,  and Rowe, Anthony
    In BuildSys 2020


  1. Low-cost aerial imaging for small holder farmers
    Swamy, AN, Kumar, Akshit, Patil, Rohit, Jain, Aditya, Kapetanovic, Zerina,  Sharma, Rahul, Vasisht, Deepak, Swaminathan, Manohar, Chandra, Ranveer, Badam, Anirudh,  and others,
    In ACM COMPASS 2019


  1. Automated top view registration of broadcast football videos
    Sharma, Rahul Anand, Bhat, Bharath, Gandhi, Vineet,  and Jawahar, CV
    In WACV 2018
  2. Fall-curve: A novel primitive for IoT Fault Detection and Isolation
    Chakraborty, Tusher, Nambi, Akshay Uttama, Chandra, RanveerSharma, Rahul, Swaminathan, Manohar, Kapetanovic, Zerina,  and Appavoo, Jonathan
    In SenSys 2018
  3. Arxiv
    Learnability of learned neural networks
    Sharma, Rahul Anand, Goyal, Navin, Choudhury, Monojit,  and Netrapalli, Praneeth


  1. Automatic analysis of broadcast football videos using contextual priors
    Sharma, Rahul AnandGandhi, Vineet, Chari, Visesh,  and Jawahar, CV
    Signal, Image and Video Processing 2017


  1. Event recognition in broadcast soccer videos
    Saraogi, Himangi,  Sharma, Rahul Anand,  and Kumar, Vijay
    In ICVGIP 2016


  1. Fine-grain annotation of cricket videos
    Sharma, Rahul Anand, Sankar, K Pramod,  and Jawahar, CV
    In ACPR 2015